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Will the world's great disaster happen on April 29? Know the truth of this viral news

Amid the fear of Corona virus (COVID-19), social media users are now scared about an astronomical event. Some people are claiming through a video on social media that the world will end on April 29. 

On social media, some users are claiming that on April 29, an asteroid that is bigger than the Himalayan mountain will hit the Earth. After which a situation like devastation and destruction can come. Many users have shared this video with this imaginary claim of the same Holocaust. You must also have found a video related to this news through WhatsApp. But let us tell you that you should not pay attention to these rumors at all.
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Actually, NASA recently released a notification. According to which, an asteroid named "52768 (1998 OR2)" will pass through the Earth on April 29, 2020. It is being told that the size of this asteroid is very large. According to the report, its size is half the size of the Himalayan Mountains. An English website "Daily Express" ran an alarming news about this, on which "CNEOS" had tweeted and said that the news of destruction of the world is completely wrong.

What is the truth of this viral news?

According to the news published in India Today, the claim made on 29 April 2020 is false. A few days ago, NASA reported that an asteroid named '52768 (1998 OR2)' would pass through the Earth on April 29, 2020. During this time, its distance from Earth will be about 4 million miles. NASA has also told that this is not going to affect the Earth in any way. On 29 April, the asteroid 1998 OR2 will pass 3.9 million miles / 6.2 million kilometers from Earth, it has been tweeted from the official account of 'CNEOS'. It is completely safe.

There is also no mention of this '52768 (1998 OR2)' asteroid on NASA's 'Sentry Impact Risk Page', which monitors future possible events affecting Earth.

This asteroid has an estimated diameter of 1.8 km to 4.1 km. It will pass an approximate distance of 3.9 million miles from the Earth. At that time, its speed is estimated at around 20,000 mph. This distance is about 16 times the distance between Earth and Moon. This means that this small planet will not pass close to the earth and will not have any effect.

Keep attention on social media news

While increasing connectivity of the Internet in the country is making people's lives easier, many people also fall in the circle of false news. Spreading rumors and making it viral on social media is now a matter of seconds, many times false news keeps happening on social media because we don't even know what its source is and we keep forward. If a story comes to you, then you should check where it came from. Whatever you read, see it, consider it. If you feel that by sharing it, you are able to convey some profitable information to your friends, then only share it. If it is useless or is going to increase stress, then delete it with you.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

4 Tip On How to choose the best blogger blog theme?

There has been a significant increase in the number of bloggers in Hindi language. Most new bloggers start blogging using Google's free blogging platform "Blogger". But after creating a blog on Blogger, they have a lot of difficulty in choosing a better theme for their blog. That is why in today's post, I am going to share some tips with you, keeping in mind that you can easily choose the best theme for your Blogger Blog.
How to choose the best blogger blog theme?

There are many websites on the Internet that provide you free templates for Blogger. But often new bloggers go to those websites and download any free theme and upload it in their blogger theme. Only after seeing the design of the blog, he selects it for his blog. But just by looking at the design of any Theme, you cannot call that Theme a Perfect Template.

While choosing a good theme for the blog, in addition to design, one has to take care of its loading speed, structure data, SEO Optimize etc. So that a completely good theme can be chosen for your blogger blog. For this reason, keeping in mind the tips that are going to be shared with you, you can choose a Best Blogger Template.

While choosing a theme for blogger, follow all the tips given below.

1: Choose Fast Loading Template

Always choose a fast loading theme. Because a factor in search engine ranking is also the loading speed of a blog or website. The more fast loading your blog is, the more you will see Benefit in Search Engine Ranking.

To check whether any blog is fast loading or not, you can use some free tools to check the loading speed of the website. Such as - Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, Gtmetrix, Pingdom Website Speed ​​Checker Tool.

By using this tool, you can get an idea of ​​the loading speed of both mobile and desktop of your blog. For this reason, always choose a fast loading theme. So that the readers do not have much trouble while browsing your blog.

Tip: Whether the Blogger Blog Theme is fast loading or not, we can also guess its Template Size. Suppose if a theme is 300 KB and another theme is 150 KB, then the smaller size theme will load in a short time. It will have a higher loading speed.

2: SEO Optimize Theme

A successful blog is considered only when there is more traffic on it. To get more traffic, you have to pay special attention to SEO. While choosing the theme for the blog, you should also pay attention to SEO Optimization.

You can use Google's free Google Structure Data Testing Tool to check whether your blog theme is optimally SEO Optimize. In this tool you have to submit the URL of your blog, after which it shows some Structure Data Test Report by checking the theme of your blog. If you do not show any error in your blog in that report then it means that the theme of your blog is good.

But if some Errors are seen, then this is the later proof that the theme of your blog is not optimized properly. Due to this Structure Data Errors, we also see Errors in Google Search Console.

Apart from this, you will also find some other free tools on the Internet, using which you can check SEO score of your blog. For example, in the Ubersuggest Tool, you will get the option of a Site Audit. In which you can check SEO score by submitting the URL of your blog.

Tip: Before using the theme on Blogger blog, you should see how the SEO score of the other blog is already using that theme. Whether the structure data error is being seen in that blog or not.

3: Free Theme Vs Premium Theme

After creating a blog on Blogger, many people have a question whether to use a premium theme for the blog or not. So let's know its answer.

First of all, you know that there is no need to take any type of web hosting to create a blog on Blogger. That is why your expenses are saved. But you are saving money for your web hosting, you should invest in buying a Premium Theme and Custom Domain.

A Premium Theme has many benefits like -

● Premium themes are well designed.

● You can get it designed by the developer as per your wish.

● The premium theme is fast loading.

● Premium theme optimizes SEO well.

●You do not have the hassle of Coding HTML and CSS.

● There is no External Footer Credit of any kind.

● The theme does not contain any kind of Harmful Script.

But in Free Theme you get to see many Unwanted Harmful Script. I myself have used many free themes, about 98% of them in Templates I have seen Harmful Script which exerts Negative Effects on our blog Fast Loading and SEO Optimization.

Based on my experience, I can say that free blogger themes harm your blog. So if you have some HTML and CSS knowledge, then you can design the default theme found in Blogger properly. But if you do not know Coding, then definitely buy a good Premium Blogger Theme. This will prove to be a plus point for your blog.

4: Select Adsense Ads Ready Theme

By the way, you will find posts on Technology Gyan blog, in which it is given that how bloggers place adsense ads inside blog posts, but still if you have any problem in placing Adsense Ads in blogger blog then you can use Adsense Ads Ready Blogger Theme Should be used.

Sections are already made to place advertisements in such themes. All you have to do is paste your Adsense Ads Code into it. With which you can earn more by placing advertisements in the appropriate place in your blogger blog.

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What is Network Security and Data Security? Complete knowledge of network and data security

Hello friends, what are Network Security and Data Security? What is the difference between Cyber Security and Network Security? Today we will learn about network security in this post. The world's largest networks are the Internet, and nowadays the Internet is being used in many areas in many pairs. In such a situation, security of the network becomes much more important. So let's learn about network and data security.

Network And Data Security
What are network security? 

If we understand both network and security terms separately, the network means a group of two or more computers (Nodes) that are interconnected, and communicate with each other. And security means security. That is, avoiding the Access of Unknown Users to a network is called network security. 

Network Security is a process by which a network is protected from unauthorised User Access (without permission) such as:- Phishing, Hacking, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Worm, Malware, Etc. To increase network security in a network, we must monitor the network, use software and hardware components. like - Firewall, Antivirus, Etc. 

In a network, protecting all information and data sent through devices is called Network Security. It is a subject of cyber security which aims to protect data in the network. To ensure that information or data is not changed or interrupted. 

What are data security? 

The process of protecting all data on a device or computer from access to an Unauthorised User is called Data Security. The process of protecting data from unauthorised data usage and data corruption around the world is called data security. 
Keeping data away from the reach of unauthorised persons so that data cannot be misrepresented or deleted. Authorization check is done before providing access to data to the user.  

What are cyber security?

Cyber security is the process of protecting all computers, networks, programs, data, and information from unauthorised User Access. Cyber security is also known as Information Technology Security or Electronic Information Security. It is a kind of security that is meant for all computers connected to the network. It carries out the task of protecting computers, hardware, software, information and data from cyber crime. 

Cyber security works to protect computer systems, networks, programs, information of data from Digital Attacks. 

Cyber Space 

The storage of computer communication networks spread around the world and its spread information is given the fictional name of cyberspace. The term cyberspace was first used by William Gibson, author of Imagination Science, in his book Necromancer in 1984. Currently the term cyberspace is used for the Internet and the World Wide Web (www), but it is not correct.

Cyber Warfare 

Stealing secret and sensitive data, destroying or damaging data or disrupting network communication is called cyber warfare by a national entering the computer network on the other way. The growing importance of the Internet has made cyber warfare an important part of the war strategy. That is why it is also known as the Fifth Domain of Warfare after air, sea, land, and space.

Cyber Crime 

Any illegal act or offence committed through computers and the Internet is called cyber crime. The computer and the Internet are used in a tool, target or both form. The crime committed through the Internet is also called Net Crime. Cyber crime involves damaging computers, networks or data or using computers, networks or data in any other crime. 

Obtaining or misusing someone's personal information, removing or stealing someone's personal information from a computer is called a cyber crime. Cyber crime is also called computer crime. Meeting a computer in a criminal place or committing an offence from a computer is called a computer offence. 

Computer offenders are made of many types such as stealing information from the computer, erasing information, altering information, giving or destroying someone's information to another, etc. Similarly, cyber crimes are also of many types such as spam emails, hacking, phishing, virus insertion, receiving or stealing someone's information online, networking or keeping an eye on someone through the Internet at all times, etc.

Example of Cyber Crime

● To use the network officially. 
● To obtain personal and secret information using networks and computers. 
● Damage to network and information. 
● Sending a large number of emails (e-mail bombing). 
● Damag to computers and data by viruses. 
● Committing Financial Fraud using the Internet.

Measures to avoid Cyber Crime 

● Always protect login ID and Password. And it should be changed from time to time. 
● You should use Antivirus Software. 
Using Firewall. 
● Keep ingress of data backup copies. 
Using Proxy Server. 
● To convert data into encrypted form and receive it. 

Computer Security 

Computer security refers to the protection of data stored in the computer and transferred by the network. In simple terms, the computer I stored is called Computer Security, protecting all information and data transferred from the network. Its functions are to prevent authorised use of data, protect user identity and personal information, etc.

Computer security is also known as Cyber Security or IT Security. Computer security aims to protect and protect information and Data from theft, corruption or natural disaster, keeping information and data easy and simple for its Authorised User. Attack ing in computer security can carry out the following tasks: 

● Authorised use of data can be done. 
● User identity and personal information such as passwords, etc., can be obtained. 
● Unnecessary changes can be made to the data. 
● Data can be destroyed. 
● Who can prevent the implementation of the software program. 


Messages sent to many people using computers and the Internet in an unwanted and illegal way are called Spam. This is known as misuse of the network. This is the undifferentiated distribution of email messages that is possible due to overlapping of subscriptions in the email mechanism. Spam does not normally cause any harm to computers, networks and data. In fact spam is a small program sent to the Internet in large numbers so that it can be displayed repeatedly on the Internet user's site. 
Spam is primarily advertising that people don't usually want to see. Therefore, the user's attention is drawn by sending it again and again. Sending spam costs to the user (Client) or service provider, so it is used as a cheap medium of advertising. Spammers are difficult to catch because of the vastness of the Internet. This can be avoided using spam filter or antispam software. 


When we use a website with the help of web browser, the server of that website sends a brief data file to the user's browser. Cookies are the software by which many websites store certain notifications on the user's computer. Cookies work behind the scenes, without user information. This keeps the server stored on the web browser the details of the user's preferences and the websites searched by it.

If the same user goes back to the same website, the server presents its preferences and website through cookies. Some websites remember the user's Username and Password, which does not require repeated logins. Thus, cookies make internet usage easier. Cookies do not normally cause any harm. But they are used to send advertisements to the website as per the user's interest.
In addition, some cookies eliminate privacy by placing details of the user's personal information and websites they visit. We may turn cookies on (Enable) or off when using web browser software.

Proxy Server

It is a server connected to the local network that checks the request for computers connected to the Internet as per the prescribed rules and sends it to the server only if found correct as per rules. Thus, it acts as a filter between the main server and the user and protects the network from unauthorized users. Proxy servers can be hardware or software or both. 

Objectives of Proxy Server 

● Unwanted Web Browser or Website restricted. 
● Control malware and viruses. 
● Maintaining the privacy of the main server
● Increase the speed of data transfer
● Protect classified data (Classified Information & Data), etc.
This is a device that prevents unauthorised persons (Unauthorised Person) from entering a computer's network, while authorised users (Authorised Users) are allows computers, networks, and data to be used. Thus, the firewall protects a computer, data, or local network from unauthorised users. Firewalls can be in the form of hardware, software or both. It serves as a gate between normal networks and secure networks and protects the computer from network threats such as viruses, worms, hacks, etc.

The firewall protects a local network or local area network (LAN) from internet security flaws. It checks incoming data, allows the authorised user to use the network through the user name and password. In addition, firewalls maintain lan's privacy on the Internet. 

Computer Virus 

It is a small malicious software program that connects with a legitimate program or enters the computer's memory by the Internet and helps spread its own copy. It can act as a corrupt, or altered data. It can reduce the disk capacity and slow down the speed of the computer by entering the boot sector of the hard disk or prevent the software program from running. 
The virus associated with a program is not activated until the program is run. The virus does not spread by email message. The virus on e-mail is activated when the email attachment is opened. When the virus is active, it installs itself in the computer memory and starts spreading to the empty space of memory. Some viruses connect themselves to the boot sector of the computer. The computer does a lot of won, the more the virus spreads. Many viruses have the ability to damage the program even after a long time.

Computer viruses mainly enter from one computer to another with internet (email, games, downloading files, etc.) or memory tools such as CD, DVD Floppy Disk, Pen Drive, Hard Disk, Etc. The virus with it can affect the computer when you download the file on the Internet. Viruses are a software program, so it does not affect computer hardware. The virus enters memory and installs itself so it cannot affect Write Protect Memory or Compressed Data File. 

Effect of virus on computer 

Whether a computer is affected by viruses can be identified with the following symptoms: 

● The virus slows down the speed of the computer's working speed. 
● The computer starts to hang again and again. 
● The computer does not indicate the exact position and size of the memory. 
● Some programs are not able to run on the computer. 
● Some files in computer memory are affected and their data becomes corrupt. 

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is used to avoid the dangers of various software viruses on computers and networks. It is a software program that identifies and destroys scholarly malicious programs such as viruses, malware, etc. in software and prevents them from entering a software or program. The Auto Protect program of antivirus software checks any software, email, Internet files before use and also destroys viruses if detected
Antivirus software checks computer memory by periodically scanning the system to free the computer from viruses. It also notifies you by notification immediately when a virus is activated. As new viruses come to light, companies also issue antivirus programs for the same. Therefore, it is important that antivirus software be updated from time to time. 

Internet Security 

Internet security means keeping information, data or software available on networks and networks out of the reach of unauthorized persons and ensuring their use only by trusted users. It covers the security of most browsers, but the security of the network is most common, which also applies to other applications, software or operating systems. 
Internet security is to thwart attacks by the Internet and protect the device. There is a non-secure way of exchanging information in the Internet that threatens a variety of deceptions, online viruses, Trojan horses, etc., which protect Internet security. Internet Security is a branch of computer security that protects not only internet security but also Browser Security, Network Security. Internet Security has three base: 

i) Authentication 

Authentication is a method of Computer Access Control in which a user is given access only if it successfully presents all the proofs such as Login ID, Password, Username, Etc. Internet Resources, such as e-mail, website, etc. Can be protected using authentication. User's authenticity is checked by login ID, password, etc !.!.!.  

ii) Access Control

Certain data ensure availability of this information only for certain users is called access control. Access control is a process in which the accessing user's data is registered. So that unauthorised users are kept out of reach and can be easily accessed by the authorised user. It can contain data a card, finger print, voice recognition, electronic card, and PIN. 

iii) Cryptography 

Converting information or data to a secret code before sending it to the Internet and converting it to general notice again before the recipient uses it is called cryptography. Cryptography consists of two processes of encryption and decryption. 
This is an important basis for data security on the Internet. The process of converting information or data into a secret message is called Encryption. While encrypted data, it is called Decryption to convert this information back into general information. Data transfer from cryptography is unlikely to be stolen or leaked.


● Huawei Mate X2 with dual displays likely to be launched in 2020

● World's smallest PC launch, price starts at ₹ 6,600

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Reliance’s grocery delivery service JioMart takes on Amazon, Grofers, and Flipkart

After ruling the telecom space and broadband sector, Reliance Jio now brings its own online shopping platform called JioMart. With JioMart, the company wants to take on the likes of competition like Grofers, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Jio lunch jiomart
Mukesh Ambani, the country's richest person, has soft launched his new e-commerce venture 'Jio Mart to challenge Amazon and Flipkart. It has been named the 'new store of the country'. Reliance Retail Limited, the retail arm of Reliance Industries Limited, on Monday called Jio Telecom users and invited them to register at Jio Mart. Currently, online shoppers from Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan region will be able to avail the service of Jio Mart.

Delivery will be available everywhere

Jio lunch jiomart
Explaining the launch, a Reliance Retail official said that the company has just started its Jio Mart service in Mumbai, but it will soon be extended to other cities. Jio users of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan have been messaged and asked to register, so that they can take advantage of early discounts. He informed that the Jio Mart app will also be launched soon. Reliance will be able to deliver to you anywhere through its grocery store. Residents in remote or small cities will get delivery from nearby Reliance stores.

Will become the largest online-to-offline e-commerce platform

Jio lunch jiomart
Reliance has long been working to create the world's largest online-to-offline e-commerce platform. Currently 15,000 grocery stores have been digitized in the country. Reliance will connect customers to the grocery stores near them through its high-speed 4G network, so that customers can get goods from the grocery stores sitting at home. Jio Mart is offering more than 50 thousand grocery products, free home delivery, no Question Assured Return Policy and Express Delivery Promise to its users.

Company is installing POS machines at grocery stores

Reliance is soon going to start installing Point to Sale (POS) machines or card swipe machines in these stores to connect the grocery stores with the e-commerce platform. It is going to start from Gujarat. Currently, a survey has been done to add POS to 3 million grocery stores. But by the end of the financial year, more than one crore grocery stores will have this facility. Grocery traders will be able to do both offline and online business through POS machines. The price of Reliance Jio Infocomm's POS machine will be much lower than the POS available in the market and it will be available in sufficient numbers.


● Huawei Mate X2 with dual displays likely to be launched in 2020

● World's smallest PC launch, price starts at ₹ 6,600

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Redmi K30's 5G variant spot on Chinese website, will be equipped with 10GB RAM

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi recently launched the successor to its highly popular smartphone from 2019, the K20 in China. Called the K30, the device was announced to bring with it a number of exciting features, and top of the line flagship specs.
Redmi k30
Chinese website TenaA has listed the Readme K30. It is a smartphone that supports 5g network. Which will be equipped with 10GB RAM. The Redmi K30 and Redmi K30 5G smartphones may be launched in this month. It has also been spot on tena with 12GB RAM before. The smartphone now has 6GB, 8GB and 10GB RAM options with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage.

The Redmi K30 5G has been spotted with model number M2001G7AC on Tena. These can be launched with 10GB ram. The company can offer it in the 256GB storage variant. However, these models are completely different from the first spot model. The model that was previously spotted had the model number M2001G7AE, which showed up with 12GB of RAM. 

Existing Type of Redmi K30 

The Chinese market is now coming up with the Readme K30 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, which is also its top and variant. It is priced at CNY 2,899 (approximately Rs. 29,100). It can now be launched in 10GB and 12GB RAM variant. It will also cost more than the existing variant. 

Expected specifications of Redmi K30 5G

Redmi k30
The phone will have a 6.67-inch Full-HD+ punchhole display. It has a Snapdragon 765g processor. The phone will have a hybrid micro SD card slot that will support cards up to 256GB. It will provide 4,500mAh battery and 30 watt charging support. It will run on the company's MIUI 11 best Android operating system. 

The phone will have quad camera setup. Which will have 64 megapixels primary camera, 5 megapixels macro lens, 2 megapixels depth sensor and 8 megapixels camera. For selfies, it will have a dual front camera of 20 megapixels and 2 megapixels. The phone will get near field communication (NFC) and 3.5mm audio jack with 5G connectivity.


Huawei Mate X2 with dual displays likely to be launched in 2020

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