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How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Error of Blogger Blog || Blogger Tips & Tricks 2020

Hello friends, if you're a blogger or have a website, you might also have had a problem with 404 Page Not Found Error. These are the problems of all bloggers. And it should not be taken lightly. This is a serious problem. This can cause your blog to be damaged. This may also reduce your visitors. And that may also reduce your earning. So if you have 404 Page Not Found Error in the blog, fix it immediately. It is very important to fix it. So today we will learn how to fix the 404 Page Not Found Error in this post. Let us first know what is the 404 Page Not Found?

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What is 404 Page Not Found in Blogger Blog? 

When you delete a post in your blog or change the link to a post. And when a visitor clicks on that link, the page of 404 Page Not Found is open. Let's say you've changed the link to an old post in your blog. And now you give a link to the same old post in the new post. So if a visitor clicks on this old post of yours. So he will have the 404 Page Not Found Error Show. Let's tell you, this causes a problem with your visitors. And they can leave your blog. This does not affect search engines, but adversely affects traffic. And your blog's views begin to decrease. And earnings also decrease.

How to check 404 Page Not Found Error in Blogger Blog? 

Many of you will be bloggers who don't know how to check 404 Page Not Found Error. Very easy way. All you have to do is follow all the steps I've mentioned. And you'll easily be able to check your blog's 404 Page Not Found Error.

1) First open "Google Search Console". And click on your "Blog".
2) Now click "Crawl".
3) Then click "Crawl Error".
4) Now you can see how many 404 Error shows are happening in your blog.
5) You'll now see links with "404 Error" to "Copy" to you.

How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Error in Blogger Blog? 

1) First log into Blogger and go to "Dashboard".

2) Now go to "Settings".

3) Now click "Search Preferences".

4) Now click "Edit" in front of "Custom Refirects".

5) Now you need to "Tick" from "From" to the box in front.

6) Paste the copied link from Google Search Console in front of "From".

7) Now enter your new URL in front of "To" that you want to redirect instead of Page 404 Not Found.

8) Then "Tick" in the front box of "Parmanent".

9) Now click SAVE. And then click "Save Changes."
10) Now you have to take one last step. You now need to go to Google Search Console and the URL you've redirected. Select it. and click "Mark As Fixed."

So friends, in this way you can easily fix the 404 Page Not Found of the blog. I hope you liked this post. And I have understood all the steps you have mentioned. If you have any question or suggestion, you can ask us by commenting. Apart from this, follow the Technology Gyan so that you keep getting information about all our new posts continuously.

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