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What is Multimedia? Types of Multimedia? Full knowledge of multimedia

Halo friends, what is Multimedia? What are multimedia? Types of multimedia? Advantages of multimedia? Use of multimedia? Today we will learn about multimedia in this post. You will have to use electronic devices like computers, mobiles, televisions. But do you know, what are multimedia? What is the definition of multimedia?  What are multimedia? What is Multimedia?
If you are a student or are preparing for a compation, you need to be fully aware of the multimedia. Multimedia can be used not only in computers but also in every electronic device like mobile, television. So let's learn, all the information about multimedia. 

What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is composed of english words "Multi" and "Media". The word "multi" means "multi" i.e. many, and "Media" means "medium". If deemed in easy sabdas, multimedia is a medium by which a variety of information is transported to users by combining a variety of types of information such as video, audio, text, images, animations, graphics, etc. 

Any information can be submitted only by any means. The information that is used together to submit more than one medium is called multimedia. Multimedia establishes two-way communication between computers and users. Information or information can be presented through text, images, video, audio, animations, graphics, and more under multimedia. 

Over time, the multimedia sector has also improved considerably. Only static photos or images could be sent or transfer through the computer, but today we can easily send or transfer all kinds of media such as video, audio, images, text, animations, graphics, etc. anywhere. 

Definition of Multimedia

Multimedia is a group of many elements such as Video, Audio, Images, Sound Animation, Art, Etc. All elements are transported to users through a computer or an electronic device. Multimedia is composed of two words "multi" and "medium". This includes all kinds of media such as text, images, videos, audio, etc. All information or information is digitally processed. 

Elements of Multimedia
Multimedia consists of the following elements: 

1) Text 
Present information through Letters, Numbers, and Special Characters. Text can be combined with graphics, pictures, sounds, animations or videos. Text can be made more effective by different colors, fonts, and three dimensional effects. 

2) Pictures or Accounts 
Pictures or accounts are also used in multimedia. It is stored as digital data in the computer. There is some prevalent software to store it - 

◆ GIF (graphical interchange format) 
It is a format of the image, GIF images are animated photos. It uses 8 bit color images. 

◆JPEG (joint photographic expert group) 
JPEG is also an extension format of the photo. It uses 24 bit color images. The 24 bit color is called True Color. 

◆ Bitmap Graphics
In bitmap graphics, pictures or accounts are stored on the computer by dividing them into bits and pixels. Photos of Scanner and digital cameras are stored in Bitmap Graphics. Some popular bitmap graphics software is - Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3D Studio, Etc.

◆ Vector Graphics
Mathematical Axis is used to create pictures or accounts in vector graphics. This makes it easier to change the graphics again and again. It is used in cartoon making and animations.

3) Sound (Audio) 
Sound waves that we can hear are called Audio or Voice. Audio is an integral part of multimedia. The Frequency Range of audio signals ranges from 200 Hz to 3200 Hz while humans can listen to the sound of frequency frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kg Hz. Audio analog is a cant. It is converted into Electronic Signals by Microphone. 

These electronic signals are converted into digital data and stored in the computer. These are converted into electric waves to listen to this digital audio. Speakers or headphones turn these electrical waves into analog sound waves that our work can hear. Artificial Digital Audio Data can be produced by the computer that we can listen to through speakers or headphones. This requires sound Card hardware in the computer. Multimedia computers are able to generate, record, and play audio data. Some popular audio files are format: 

◆MPEG - Motion Picture Expert Group Audio 
◆ MP3 - MPEG Audio Layer 3 
◆ WAV - Waveform Audio File Format 
◆MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Etc. 

4) Video 
Multimedia computers can record, edit, store, and play series of video images that can be viewed on computer monitors. It requires video card hardware. Nowadays, multimedia computers are being used in entertainment to record videos, watch video images and video games, etc.

5) Streaming
The file of audio or video data captures a lot of memory and takes a long time to download it on the Internet. And we can use downloaded audio or video data only when the file has been fully downloaded. Streaming technology is used to solve this problem. 

This technology is used by Audio. The video file is compressed so that it carries less space. In addition, the file is turned on immediately i.e. Play. When the file is being played, the rest of the file is also downloaded. Thus, using the file does not have to wait until the entire file is downloaded. This is called Streaming. YouTube Video Streaming is one of the most prevalent examples of this. 
6) Animation
A group of static accounting images that are constantly shown one after the other in such a way that the picture has an impression of motion, called Animation. Animation consists of a series of pictures in which each picture is replaced with the next picture after a certain interval so that the picture appears moving. 

It has to show at least 25 to 30 sorted pictures in 1 second. Animations are being used in advertising, cartoons, films, video games, cinema and virtual reality, etc. Animations are also commonly used to reflect the effects where videography is not possible. 3D Studio, Animator Studio, Adobe Photoshop etc. software is used for animations. 

7) Multimedia Kiosk 
Kiosk is an interactive multimedia computer. It can receive stored information by touching the icon with graphical User Interface (GUI) on the computer screen with fingers. The information can be revealed in text, image, animation, sound or video or in conjunction with it. Kiosks are used to provide useful information on public places such as railway stations, airports, hospitals, tourist places, hotels, etc.

Importance of Multimedia 

In today's modern and digital age, the importance of multimedia has increased considerably. With the help of multimedia, we can easily get any information or information through any media such as video, images, audio, text, animations, etc. Through multimedia itself, any information can be sent or transfer edeable anywhere immediately. This is the best and easiest source of communication, with a number of means of communicating. 

Types of Multimedia
You will all know about television, nowadays everyone has A TV at home. Television is also a multimedia device. It has full use of multimedia. It shows all films and plays very well through multimedia. Graphics and animations are used. 


Storage Devices 
All types of storage devices are also included in the multimedia device. In storage devices we can store files of videos, audio, images, text, graphics, animations, etc., thus the storage device is also included in the type of multimedia. Examples of storage devices - Hard Disk, Pen Drive, DVD, CD, ROM, Etc.

Computer System 
Computer systems are a device or machine from which we can also create animations, videos, images, audio, etc., and edit it. All graphic data, animations, etc., are created through the computer. Computers are a multimedia device, it doesn't need to tell anyone. Examples of computer systems - Desktop, Laptop, Workstation, Smartphones, Tablets, Etc.

Kiosk System
Kiosk is a type of electronic device that receives information by touching the screen. It can receive stored information by touching the icon with graphical User Interface (GUI) on the computer screen with fingers. The information can be revealed in text, image, animation, sound or video or in conjunction with it.

Uses of Multimedia
◆ Multimedia is used to make education interesting and interactive. Multimedia is being used in Virtual Class and e-learning. 

Multimedia is used in film watching, video game play, animation and cartoon film production. 

◆ Multimedia is used for training in many areas such as sports, art, driving.

◆ In creating attractive advertisements in the field of business. 

◆ In the creation of virtual reality. 

◆ In Video Conferencing

◆ In providing information by Multimedia Kiosk. 

◆ To put special effects in films. 

◆ To convey to the people by presenting any information better and effectively.

So guys, now you must have known everything about multimedia. What are Multimedia? Types of multimedia? Its definition? The importance of multimedia? Its development? etc.  I hope you would have liked the post. And all the things I have mentioned you must have understood. If you still have a question in mind, you can ask us by commenting. If you like a post, please share this post with all your friends in social media. In addition, you can continuously get all new post information by following Technology Gyan. 

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