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What is Windows? What are the different types of windows? Know the complete information about Windows

Hello friends, you must have heard about Windows. Windows must also be used in computers or laptops. And many people may have used Windows Phone. But do you have full knowledge of Windows? Do you know what windows are? What are the different types of windows? What is its history? And so on. Today we are giving you complete information of Windows through this post.
Windows operating systems are used by almost everyone, and smartphones with OR Windows operating systems will also be used by many people. But no one knows about windows. So today we will tell you about Windows in this post. If you are a student or preparing for competition, then it is very important for you to know about Windows. So let us know the complete information of windows.

What is Windows? 

Windows is a graphical interface operating system designed by a Microsoft corporation company. Windows is a 32-bit multitasking operating system designed for single users. It is mainly used in PCs. It provides convenient program implementation, better coordination between user and computer, and multimedia using graphical user interface (GUI) and graphical icons.

Windows operating systems can open multiple windows simultaneously, and edit different tasks in them. You can easily move from one window to another with the help of a mouse or keyboard. Windows is a very well known, user friendly and most used operating system. Which is very famous among people due to its graphical display and other features.

This operating system is named Windows because each software in it opens as a rectangular graphics box, which resembles the frame of a window, and through which we can see the computer today by simply keyboarding the letters As a new environment. This graphical environment has proved very useful to make the computer world interesting and simple.

What is an operating system? 

The operating system is called OS in short. An operating system is a computer software program that handles other computer programs. It is a computer system that acts as a middle between the users and the computer. The operating system makes any computer workable, and allows many other software programs to be stored and run inside the hardware.

The operating system controls and operates the entire computer. Management of the computer is done by this. No computer can be run or used without operating system.

History of windows?

Microsoft released its first graphical user interface operating system named Windows 1 in 1985. Earlier in the 1980s, a computer called Xerox Star was developed based on a graphical user interface by a company called Xerox Corporation. But the graphical user interface gained popularity with Macintosh computers developed by Apple Computer. Windows operating system developed by Microsoft:

Windows 1 

Windows 1 was Microsoft's first operating system, released in 1985 by Bill Gates, owner of the Microsoft company. This was Microsoft's first graphical user interface operating system. Basic functions were added to this window such as - Calendar, Calculator, MS Paint, Word Processor, etc.

Windows 2.0

Windows 2.0 was the second updated operating system of Microsoft Corporation, launched in 1987 by company owner Bill Gates. It is said that Windows 2.0 was not much better than Windows 1. Although some Innovative Updates were made in Windows 2.0, Windows 1 was still considered much better. Windows 2.0 provided the facility to minimize and maximize the program.

Windows 2.0 supported 286 processors, but to make it even better, Microsoft released a new version of Provisional Version Windows 2.0, known as Windows / 3862.03, which supported 386 processors. It ran on a Video Graphic Array (VGA) display, which had a resolution of 640 X 480.

Windows 3.0 

The Windows 3.0 operating system was launched in the year 1990. This Windows operating system was upgraded by upgrading both previous Windows. It also updated the graphical user interface (GUI). Due to the ability in this operating system such as Virtual Memory, Improved Graphics and Multitasking, it reached sales of up to 10 million, making this version very popular.

This was Microsoft's first Windows operating system that had a hard disk. Also, a software development kit (SDK) was added to it. Which helped the developers a lot, now developers would be able to develop applications and software through this Windows.

Windows 3.1 

Windows 3.1 was upgraded, upgrading some of the issues of Windows 3.0. This window was launched in the year 1992. Some of the flaws were removed and new Improved Font was added. It took 1MB of RAM. Also, for the first time it became easy to control MS-DOS via mouse. Let me tell you, this was Microsoft's first Windows operating system with RAM and CD-ROM installed.

For the first time it had 1MB of RAM and 15MB of Hard Disk. Red X Button was provided to close programs in it. Apart from this, the facility to open Task Manager was also provided through CTRL + Alt + Del to close a hang program.

Windows 95 

Windows 95 was launched by Microsoft Corporation in the year 1995. This upgrade has completely replaced Windows. For the first time, the Start Button and Start Menu were included in this version, along with the Taskbar. It was the first operating system in which Long File Name was supported. 32-Bit started from here, before that all Windows operating systems had 16 bit multitasking operating systems. But Windows started working on 32-Bit OS from here.

Windows 98 

Windows 98 was launched by Microsoft Corporation in 1998. This version was specially designed keeping in mind the consumers. DVD drive and USB port were added to it. Apart from this, Address Bar was added in Windows Explorer and Back & Forward Navigation Button was added.

Microsoft Windows ME 

This operating system was released in the year 2000. This was the last Millennium Edition (ME) OS of Windows, built with MS-Dos. System Restore feature added to Windows ME. After that, it became easy to restore deleted data as well. In this, Internet Explorer (IE 5.5), Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker were launched with this version for the first time.

Windows 2000 

This Windows operating system was launched in the year 2000. Advanced features like Disk Defragmenter and Device Manager were added to it. From here the Automatic Updating feature of Windows was added, in addition to it the support of Hibernation Feature was given. Plug and Play could be done by adding many devices to this operating system of Microsoft.

Windows xp 

Windows XP was launched by Microsoft Corporation Company in the year 2001. It is the most popular operating system of Microsoft. It is recognized as the highest and best User Friendly Operation System. The best selling and best selling OS of Microsoft is Windows XP.

It updated the Start Menu and Taskbar to give it a new design. With this, Start Button was brought to Familiar Green Color. It underwent all the graphical upgrades, and several Vista Wallpaper, many Shadow Effects, Visual Effects and Familiar Green Taskbar were also provided. Apart from this, many advanced features like - Clear-type, CD Burning, Auto-play, Etc. Were also added with this Windows. The company gave the last update of Windows XP in 2014, after which its update was completely stopped.

Windows vista 

Windows Vista was launched in the year 2006. This operating system received a lot of updates. In this, the security system was greatly strengthened. For data protection, BitLocker Drive Encryption was provided in it. Also Upgraded Enhancement in Photograph Customization, Video Editing, Better Display Design and Media Player for entertainment.

It also added Photo Gallery, Speech Recognition, Windows DVD Maker. Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7 were added by updating. Also an antivirus program was added to it, named Windows Defender. This is Microsoft's first operating system such as a DVD landed on the market, and distributed.

Windows 7 

Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft Corporation in 2009. Windows 7 was made very easy and simple. It is much faster and easier to use. Windows 7 is the most well-known Windows 7 operating system after Windows XP. Many changes were also made in this. After several Basic and Advance Upgradation, Windows 7 was launched for users.

In this, features like music, video and photos from computer to Stereo or streaming on TV were added for users. Apart from this, Internet Explorer 8 and Handwriting Recognition feature were added to it. Advanced features like photo flipping, files or folders were also added to this operating system.

Windows 8

Windows 8 was launched in the year 2012. This is an upgrade version of Windows 7. With this upgradation once again Windows was completely replaced. Windows 8's Graphical Display was completely replaced. In which Start Button and Start Menu were changed the most. In this, Microsoft has some of its In-Build Default programs like - News, Weather, Messenger, People, Being, Microsoft App Store, Etc. Add to

Compared to all older Windows operating systems, Windows 8 performs a lot of Faster functions. Support for USB 3.0 devices was given in it. Touch Friendly Screen was presented in it. Programs icon and Live Tiles Interface were updated to replace the Program Lists. Apart from this, many new technologies have also been included in it.

Windows 10 

Windows 10 was launched in the year 2015. Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest operating system till today or 26 December 2019. Missed features in older windows have been installed in Windows 10. And apart from this, many new features have also been added to it. Also, the special thing about Windows 10 is that it constantly gets updates.

Windows 10 is made by combining the features of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Like Windows 7, it has Start Button and Start Menu. However, the start button is quite different and updated from Windows 7. Microsoft Edge Browser has also been added to Windows 10. Apart from this, in this Windows you can also switch your PC to Tablet Mode.

Types of windows?

There are several types of Windows operating systems. Windows OS can be of the following types: -

1) Single User OS In a single user operating system, only one person can use a computer at a time. This is for a single user. Only one person can work on a PC at a time.

2) Multiple User OS In multiple user operating systems, one or more people can work together on a computer at a time. Multiple user operating system is used in big companies, institutions, colleges, hospitals etc.

3) Multitasking OS In multitasking operating systems, two or more programs can be run on a computer at a time. Like - you can work on the Internet at the same time and also listen to the songs as well.


So guys, you must have known everything about Windows now. Windows Kya Hai? Features of Windows? History of windows? And so on. I hope you liked the post. And you have understood all the things I have said. If you still have any question, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media. Apart from this, you can get the information of all new posts continuously by following Technology Gyan

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